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JPT Partners and Campus Partners' Senior Management

Paul Carey – Founder and Board Member

Paul Carey has over 20 years of senior management experience in the student loan industry.  From 1997 to 2001, Paul served as Executive Vice President of Sallie Mae. While in that position, the company’s student loan assets grew to more than $70 billion and earnings grew to over $500 million. He also oversaw the development of Laureate a Web-based application allowing students to apply for and receive financial aid from their colleges in as little as 24 hours.

Paul serves on the Board of Trustees for the University of Maryland and for Trinity University in Washington, D.C. 

Contact information:  [email protected]

Tom Green – Founder and Board Member

Tom Green has more than 25 years of experience in the student loan industry at the executive level.  Tom has held positions at both ACS and Sallie Mae. During Tom’s tenure at Sallie Mae he was named President of Sallie Mae Solutions, and focused on providing colleges and universities with business system solutions.  Under his leadership, the company became a leading provider of Oracle and Microsoft-based student system software, loan processing servicing, and electronic billing and payment solutions.

Contact information:  [email protected]

Michael Carey – Founder and President

Michael Carey is a 22-year veteran of the student loan business.  Mike worked at Sallie Mae from 1985 until 2001.  There he focused primarily in the areas of mergers/acquisitions, asset finance and business development.  Mike was responsible for the development and daily management of a $10 billion asset-backed student loan finance program, the corporation’s leverage lease program and various credit products with regional student loan organizations.  In 2001, Mike co-founded Student Trust, Inc., a marketing company in the student loan industry specializing in student loan consolidation.  In 2004, as a partner in JPT Partners, LLC, Mike acquired the assets to form Campus Partners.

Contact information:  [email protected]

Steve Fifer – Chief Credit Officer

Steve Fifer has 25 years of experience in managing credit risk in both the mortgage and education lending industries. Most recently, Steve was Vice President of Financial Risk Management of Collegiate Funding Services, where he developed credit management policy.  Prior to working for CFS, he served as Senior Director of Credit at Sallie Mae.

Contact information:  [email protected]

Pattie Haynes – Vice President of Application Development

Pattie Haynes joined Campus Partners in April 2006 as Vice President of Application Development.   Pattie brings 24 years of comprehensive experience in corporate commercial information systems and quality assurance functions primarily focused on student loan financial and servicing systems.  Before joining Campus Partners Pattie developed internet based education applications for The College Board. Prior to that, she worked for Versura and for Sallie Mae. 

Contact information:  [email protected]

Mitch Lindenfeldar – Chief Financial Officer

Mitch Lindenfeldar has spent the past twelve years working as a Chief Financial Officer for various public and private organizations.  Mitch has a vast background in financial reporting, management and administration, investor relations, human resources and legal and IT activities.  Prior to joining Campus Partners Mitch served as the Chief financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer for two venture backed companies. 

Contact information:  [email protected]

Paul Lombardo – Executive Vice President, Loan Servicing

Paul Lombardo has over 30 years of management experience in the student loan industry with exposure to a variety of loan types and services.  Under his leadership, Campus Partners has expanded the range of products and services provided including web-based offerings such as  iPROMise, eXpressReports, and electronic bill presentment and payment. 

Contact information:  [email protected]

Karen Fonte Marshall - Vice President, Sales

Karen Fonte Marshall has over 17 years in the education loan industry.  Karen most recently worked for Student Loan Corporation, a subsidiary of Citigroup where she was responsible for managing their National Sales team and School Relations unit.  Prior to Citigroup, Karen spent ten years at Chase Manhattan Bank in a variety of capacities including marketing and electronic services.

Contact information:  [email protected]

Greg Whitacre - Vice President, Product Development

Greg Whitacre has over 25 years of experience in higher education finance systems development and marketing.  In addition, Greg has been a consultant to colleges and universities nationwide specializing in designing and implementing school lending programs.  Greg has held various executive management positions at Sallie Mae and Versura.

Contact information:  [email protected]

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