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Introducing: Student Trust

Campus Partners, by virtue of its shared ownership, has a new and exciting relationship with Student Trust, Inc. based in Rockville, Maryland. Student Trust provides today’s college and university students and graduates with premier products and services that support their financial obligations to achieve higher education. The company was founded in 2001 by a management team with over 80 years of combined student loan operations, sales and marketing experience.

Student Trust’s current product offerings include a federal student loan consolidation program that organizations private label and offer to their respective constituents. The consolidation loan product allows recent college graduates to roll up their multiple federal student loans into a single fixed rate loan and lower their payments by extending the repayment term. With today’s interest rates at historically low levels, the average consolidation borrower can lock in a fixed interest rate under 4% with Student Trust. The affinity program is targeted primarily at college alumni organizations and professional trade associations (i.e. lawyers, doctors, etc). Student Trust provides a complete turnkey operation on behalf of the association or alumni group, including a private labeled Web site, product literature, direct mailings to membership lists, call center services, loan financing, origination, and life-of-loan servicing.

Student Trust also offers a student loan consolidation product directly to consumers. Using direct mail and Web based campaigns, Student Trust offers, through its Web site and its 24 x 7 call center, the same fixed rate, no-cost consolidation loan it offers to its affinity customers. Working with its various business partners, Student Trust provides consumers an aggressively priced consolidation loan that is simple to apply for and originate. Complete online application processing is provided along with a full service call center to support questions and paper applications.

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