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Tomika Wallen
June 2007


Tomika Wallen

Customer Service Representative

Tomika Wallen exudes self-assurance and confidence; confidence that comes with 23 years of providing exceptional customer service to the customers of Campus Partners.

“Tomika has an excellent rapport with her customers. In addition, she is extremely thorough and very knowledgeable of all programs, especially System III. She excels at training other staff members, controlling work flow and never lets anything fall through the cracks,” commends Kathy Riddle, Customer Service Manager.

“Kathy has always been sharp,” Tomika counters. “She remembers the smallest details and I’m lucky to remember where I parked my car!” chuckles Tomika. Yet her memory is just as astute, as she proficiently assists schools with year-end reports, gathers audit information, sets up E-Exits, new loans and advances, balances accounting reports and answers questions about Cohort all in a day’s work.

With experience in both borrower correspondence and forms processing, Tomika is fully equipped to handle calls from schools as well as borrowers. “I enjoy taking care of my customers,” states Tomika. “When someone says to you ‘thank goodness you’re here’, it makes you feel as though what you do really makes a difference.” Tomika acknowledges Sharon Cameron, Audit and Compliance Specialist, as a major factor in her successful career at Campus Partners. “Sharon is the best trainer I have ever had and everyone still relies on her. You could call her 50 times a day and she will always take the time to help you,” Tomika affirms.

As a Customer Service Representative, Tomika says she tries to make all her customers happy. “We’re here to make their job easier and they depend on us to take care of their needs,” Tomika explains. Tomika says the biggest advantage of her job is being fortunate to work with the same people for so long. “We bounce ideas off of each other and help each other. There’s a lot of give and take,” she explains.

Tomika believes the key to good customer service is learning what your customers need and attending to those needs with a positive approach. “It takes just as much effort to be negative as it does to be positive,” Tomika asserts.
Tomika has lived in Kernersville, a small town outside Winston-Salem, all of her life and her close-knit family is deeply rooted in the area. Her parents live right next door, her Aunt is across the street and her mother-in-law is only 5 minutes away. She and Shelby, her husband of 21 years, have two children, Lindsey and Zachary. Lindsey, 13, is a feisty 8th grader with a ‘take-charge’ personality. Zachary has a more easy going nature. He is a 16-year old sophomore and straight-A honor student.

Although the small town of Kernersville has grown tremendously over the years, Tomika says she vividly remembers Ray’s King Burger, their very first fast food restaurant. “I’m a junk food junkie,” admits Tomika. “Hot dogs, cheeseburgers, tacos…I love it all!” She even says she has to have pizza at least once a week.
In her leisure time, Tomika takes pleasure in camping at the beach with her family. “Camping to me means a motor home complete with air conditioning,” Tomika explains with a laugh. On her camping trips, she says she and her family enjoy spending quality time fishing, bike riding and relaxing by the water.
When asked what the future holds for her, Tomika replied, “I will be right here for my customers.” And we didn’t even have to bribe her with a burger!