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Collections System Update
March 2007


First Quarter Enhancements


Borrower Screen and Contact Log

Campus Partners has added the ability to identify what collector the borrower is assigned to online via the “Borrower’ and ‘Contact Log’ screens. On the ‘Borrower’ screen, you will find ‘Last Assigned to ...” in the top right hand corner of the screen. On the ‘Contact Log’ screen, you will also find ‘Last Assigned To ...’ in the top right hand corner under ‘Contact Date.’

Collector Maintenance Screen

A new field has been added to the ‘Collector Maintenance Screen’ called ‘Reporting?’ which is a check box located at the top of the screen. If the box is checked for a particular collector, then this collector will appear in reports. If the report has a collector pick list as an option, the collector will only be displayed if this box is checked. If the option in the collector pick list is to select all collectors, the report will only reflect those collectors with the ‘Reporting?’ box checked.


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