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How-To Articles

From managing your cohort default rate to ordering exit interview packages, these Campus Partners articles can help make your job easier.

Assign a Loan (.pdf)
Benefit by Using FTP DataDirect (.pdf) (8-03)
Change Your WebConnect Colors (2-03)
Choose a Collection Agency
Complete a Payment Transmittal (2-02)
Credit Card Payment Option FAQ (10-06) New!
Determine Eligibility for Economic Hardships and Process Unemployment Deferments and Forbearances
Ensure Borrower Repayment (11-06)
Get the Most From the LVC Screen (5-06)
Join COHEAO (9-04)
Locate an Archived Loan (revised 2-07)
Keep Borrower Information Current
Manage Your Cohort Default Rate (revised 5-07)
Offer the Credit Card Payment Option to Your Borrowers New!
Order Exit Interview Packages (3-04)
Prepare for FISAP Reporting
Process a Loan Rehabilitation (1-01)
Submit New Loans & Advances & Process Unpostable New Loans & Advances   (revised 10-04)
Process Unpostable New Loans and Advances
Promote Automatic Direct Draft (AutoDraft) (revised 1-03)
Prevent Default
Reconcile Accounting and Cash Reports (revised 6-02)
Respond to the Perkins Funding Crisis
Stay Connected
Understand Reauthorization (12-02)
Use Automated Collection Agency Interface
Use E-Exit
Use eXpressReports (7-04)
Use iPROMise revised 10-06
Use myReports (1-5)
Use myReports to Create a Custom Mail Merge Letter
Use Other Cost Types (8-05)
Use System 3i (1-04)
Use the IFAP Web Site (11-02)
Use the LVC Screen (6-05)
Use PREQ Screen
Use QuikLetters